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ICT: from theory to practice

Since 2008, Ministry of Education has implemented the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) program at primary schools with the objective of preparing the young Rwandan generation to be nationally and globally competitive and up-to-date.

Ahazaza school has followed the ICT programme by translating ICT objectives into practical learning activities. This has greatly changed the way our children used to learn, for example children have hands-on computer lessons.

Even though as a private ‘not for profit’ school we don’t have enough computers, and those we have are very obsolete, we borrow from neighbouring public schools that received free laptops from the government. It would be better good idea if we had new and modern computers but we can’t afford them at present.

Integrating ICT in our programme comes with many benefits: children learn by interacting with the computer and its functions, learn by research and this interaction promotes their ability to work on their own, with little supervision from the teacher. It also encourages self-responsibility for learners (e.g. not watching bad things even if the teacher is away).

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