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We need your help

Ahazaza Independent School is a private school and receives no government subsidies or grants. And yes, we are an elite school, First school in our district and consistently ranking in the top 3 of all schools in Rwanda. 


But don’t assume this means we’re exclusive. A quarter of our pupils are orphans or come from very poor families and we have a comprehensive scholarship program in order that every child in Muhanga has the opportunity to receive a world-class education.


Furthermore we have ambitious plans to expand our school and be of even greater service to our community. (We’re expanding the elementary school with 4 new classes and launching a full-board middle school for pupils aged 12 to 16).


We need sponsors, donors and volunteers to help us achieve our vision...

Sponsor a child from a poor family


The complete sponsorship for one year is €290 (this amount includes: supplies, uniforms, school trips, etc.)


Sponsor a teacher

One competent and experienced teacher can have a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of students. The sponsorship for a teacher at Ahazaza is €3,150 per year.


One-time donation


Any amount helps... even just a few euros!


Volunteer with us


We have volunteers from all over the world doing many different jobs... including teaching, leading activities and administrative work. We offer board and lodging to our volunteers at our farm. Learn more about ahazaza farm.


If you’d like to support us as a volunteer, please write an email to

If you want to make a financial contribution, here is our contact and account in Belgium

Friends of Ahazaza
8, avenue de l'Observatoire
1180 Bruxelles

IBAN BE13 3631 0618 5839

With information : gift or scholarship or teacher sponsorship

Thank you very much !

Join our association

You, too, can help us meet our challenges and goals by giving your support in one of four different ways: whatever you choose, be sure that you are contributing towards a unique and vital project for the Rwanda of tomorrow.

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