Here at Ahazaza, we like to say “there is no teaching, there is only learning.” Because, here, at Ahazaza we want our students to learn how to teach themselves.


As a school, we are fiercely independent and proud of it. We want our students to know this independence too, in the way they think. 


So we avoid force-feeding our students with long lists of facts or making them memorise data. This is called “learning by rote” and it is the popular teaching method currently in Rwanda.


Instead, we show our students how to question, evaluate, infer and create for themselves. 


This philosophy underpins our curriculum, our teaching style and everything we do as a school.





Kindergarten children are aged 3-5. The students study three years and pass to the primary level. The Letters and Sounds program greatly improves their communication.

Children are taught in fenced school buildings to ensure their safety. The classrooms are cozy with plenty of toys for the children to play with as well as a discovery play area where they develop their creative skills.


The curriculum is based on the “Early Learning Goals” which develop the following aspects of the individual:

  • Expressive Arts and Design

  • Understanding the World

  • Physical Development

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • Communication and Language Development

  • Literacy

  • Mathematics


The Primary School starts in Year 1 at the age of 6-7 and finishes in Year 6 at age 11-12. Children in these classes continue to learn through discovery and pupil led learning activities. Pupils receive weekly homework which includes Mathematics and science, social studies, reading and spelling.

They continue to visit the library at least once a week where they develop a love of reading and choose their own books with the assistance of the librarian who will ensure that borrowed books are at the appropriate reading level. This encourages your son or daughter to develop their own personal reading alongside their class based reading scheme

In addition to English, French and Mathematics the pupils’ curriculum takes a more specialized approach as they study Science Topics (biology, chemistry and physics), Social and Religious Education, Art and Craft, Computing and Kinyarwamda.






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