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We Want To Meet Your Child

Ahazaza has an open admissions policy. We accept students from all backgrounds and all ages between 3-11. 

Ahazaza will evaluate all new pupils to make sure they start in the correct class for their age.

Click on the button below to  fill in the enrollment form.

Before you start your application, make sure you have the following attachments:
1.A copy of the child's birth certificate from the sector (PDF format)
2. A copy of the bank slip for registration and uniforms of rwf 55,000 (PDF format), deposited on 000560020749496, Bank of Kigali, Ahazaza ASBL.
3. A passport photo (Image)
4. A copy of the father's ID (PDF format)
5. A  copy of the mother's ID (PDF format)


We shall process your admission and update you with our final decision within 5 working days of receiving payment and all documentation.


We also offer full and partial scholarships to approximately 25% of our students. To learn more about our scholarship program, please contact the Admissions Secretary, to or +250781739397. You can also reach out to Ahazaza School secretariat.


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