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Welcome to ahazaza centre

It is a large multipurpose hall hosted on the Ahazaza main campus. Inside, it is self-contained, with a spacious common area which can sit over four hundred people, a DJ control room, dressing room and other corners and spaces where an event planner can do all sorts of activities. Outside the hall is a volleyball pitch.

The Ahazaza Centre is a multipurpose hall that provides a valuable source of funds for the Ahazaza School’s operations and its future development.



This building is an income generator for the school. Wedding ceremonies, parties and meetings have been the most common events to be hosted here on an ongoing basis. On some weekends, a group of Christians rents it for church service. During school days (Monday-Friday), the school uses it for co-curricular lessons and activities such as traditional Rwandan music and dance. End of term as well as end of year school meetings take place in the same hall. In the past, the hall was also used for screening football especially European leagues and championships and the World Cup. Although the school has a projector, screening motion pictures is no longer one of its activities.

Rent our Hall

We knew we wanted a place that would stimulate the creative spirit as well as become a destination where the public could enjoy the talents of our students and guest artists.

We welcome outside people and organizations to inquire about hosting their concerts, weddings, recitals, lectures, meetings, workshops, or seminars in one of our facilities. If you’re interested in renting our hall, please contact the Ahazaza Centre Management team to devise a plan to ensure your event is a success, to or +250781739397.

The school’s hall is available to rent outside the school hours for suitable activities, either community or commercially based.

The gift of your time and talent to Ahazaza Centre is another great way to get involved with the Ahazaza School. Whether you have time once a week, once a month, or once a year, if you are interested in volunteering, we have opportunities for you.

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