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Our school was founded in 2006 by a group of local families together with Raina Luff, a former lawyer and university professor who left her home in Europe eleven years earlier to work in Rwanda, and went on to choose our country as her permanent home. Raina recognised the need to give Rwandan children a stronger foundation and far greater opportunities than they had been used to, hence Ahazaza was created as The Rwandan School of the Future.

It started with just one classroom, two teachers and twelve children and thanks to her astute management, tireless enthusiasm and demands for high standards Ahazaza grew to what it is today... a highly respected Cambridge International School with more than 500 students.

The objective was always to create a school unlike any other; an environment of social diversity where children would learn to think for themselves and their creativity be encouraged to thrive. How well it has worked and we now see Ahazaza as the place to incubate the future leaders of Rwanda!

Our school embraces the skills of teachers from many different countries and conducts classes in English, French and Kinyarwanda. This ensures that all students, who come from widely differing social backgrounds (at least 25% of whom are from poorer families and do not pay fees) leave Ahazaza speaking three languages with complete confidence.

Confidence is indeed the key and both the kindergarten and the primary school continue to go from strength to strength. Class sizes are restricted to groups of 25 so children receive the attention they deserve as they enjoy a diverse curriculum that comprises languages, mathematics, science, social studies, computer technology, creative arts and physical education.

We are proud of our accomplishments at Ahazaza and believe we've created something very special. But don't just take our word for it.....please come along and see for yourselves!

Ahazaza Independent School class
Ahazaza students
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We remain uniquely competitive due to our dynamic methods of teaching.  An overview of our Academics can be found here.

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An overview of our subjects can be found here.

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