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As a school, Ahazaza has been in existence for thirteenth years. Most of the time our school has been ranked among the best ten schools in national examinations in Rwanda but had never emerged BEST. However in 2018, we did it! Among the best ten performing schools in the Primary Leaving Examinations, Ahazaza emerged number one, with all our 15 candidates passing in the first grade. This was a rewarding achievement given the years of hard work on the side of the teachers, children and the Headmistress and president (Mrs. Raina Luff) who on a constant basis ensures that every detail of the teachers’ preparations is fit to be given to pupils. Mrs. Raina supervises work IN CLASS, FROM CRECHE TO KINDERGARTEN THROUGH TO PRIMARY SIX, by herself!

Sometimes she evaluates the children herself to see what they have and have not learned! Ahazaza success is not accidental at all. So when donors finance projects and sponsors pay for tuition for poor children at Ahazaza, and parents choose our school over others, everyone can be sure to get good value for their money. With the efforts of a well-intentioned Headmistress and a manager on top of her game, hardworking teachers and disciplined pupils combined with committed donors and sponsors, Ahazaza will maintain this ‘success for all’ culture. Finally, in the quiet but busy backyard of the Ahazaza not for profit organization lies an active team of self-motivated women and men: the Friends of Ahazaza who like Mrs. Raina Luff sacrifice their own time and skills to solicit for funds to give Ahazaza children hope for the future. We know very well that without your foregoing so much, many of our children would not be at the cerebration podium, grazie mille from the land of a thousand hills!

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