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A wonderful study tour at Karongi Environment Museum

Ahazaza School had a study tour to the Environment Museum located at Karongi District around the Lake Kivu. Classes involved were primary three to primary six. On the way, the pupils visited the Nyabarongo River and the rock of Ndaba with its magnificent waterfalls situated along the Muhanga-Karongi road.

Arriving at Karongi museum the pupils were given an overview of the universe, how it was, how it is now and how it will be in years to come. They also explained us about the evolution of living things. The pupils also got the opportunity to visualise, experience and discuss information on energy sources and the environmental impact of different types of fuel sources. They were also shown an excellent rooftop garden with a collection of native plants, each with explanations of their use in traditional medicine.

Thereafter, the pupils travelled to Lake Kivu for entertainment (boat ride). They also visited pisciculture (fish farming) of red fish at the edge of Lake Kivu.

Then the pupils observed fog and mist which were covering the hills. They also looked at the methods that people used in the prevention and control of soil erosion on hilly areas such as terracing and contour ploughing. This was so interesting since we are in cultivating period.

It was a very interesting and instructive journey and a everybody enjoyed it so much.

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