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Welcome to our school! We’re now in our fifteenth year and we’re stronger than ever... and greatly prouder than ever for the amazing results of our hard work. 


My name is Raina Luff and I’ve been the Director of the school since its founding in 2006. In that year we only had twelve students, two teachers and just one classroom. Today we have over 450 students, nineteen teachers and a beautiful two-hectare campus with a sports ground, a music and events hall, a library, a computer lab and fifteen classrooms. But we’re not stopping here...

We recently began construction on a new building with four new classrooms that will accommodate one hundred new elementary students. we are now currently planning construction of a secondary school — with full overnight boarding facilities — scheduled for completion in 2021/2022.

When local parents and I founded the school, we all agreed we wanted to build a school unlike any other school in Muhanga — a place where children would learn to think for themselves, a place where creativity and self-expression would thrive, a place of ethnic, religious and social diversity, a place to incubate the future leaders of Rwanda. And I’m proud to say that’s exactly what we have built:


  • We conduct ALL our classes in English, French and Kinyarwanda. 

  • We offer programs in mathematics, science, social social studies, computer technology, art, language, physical education, contemporary and traditional music, dance and drama.

  • We limit the number of children to a class size of 25 pupils (compared with between 45 and 60 in other schools)

  • We are self-financing.

  • At least 25% of our students — orphans or those from poor families — receive their schooling free of charge.


So whether you are a prospective student, a parent or a teacher, feel free to get to know us a little and see what makes us not just the best school in Rwanda, and one of the top elementary schools in East Africa and a model of education in the ‘new’ Rwanda...


P1 & P2 English


P5 - P6 French


P4 - P6 English


P3-P6 Science


K2 English


P1&P2 English

We admit new students in almost all classes throughout the year. However, due to the great demand for joining our school, priority is usually given to the most deserving children. we interview all new students though the results of exams do not blind us to fall short of seeing children's potential; we evaluate all new students dynamically.



As a Cambridge International School offering a Cambridge programme through a Cambridge associate, we teach, mathematics, English and science. For our Competence Based Curriculum, we teach the above plus social studies, French, ICT,  Kinyarwanda, and creative art. All subjects and taught in both English and French.

Our Subjects

In terms of academics, we conduct lessons in both French and English so much so that a child joining our school from either an Anglophone or Francophone background or both can follow lessons  without difficulty. Our teachers are also drawn from different English and French speaking countries which blends into our programme a unique niche.

At the beginning of this year we became a Cambridge International School offering a Cambridge programme through a Cambridge associate. Side by side, we also follow the Competence Based Curriculum of Rwanda and we remain uniquely competitive due to our dynamic methods of teaching and our culture of  not being satisfied with less. There are lots of outdoor co-curricular activities such as games and sports, music, dance and dramma, and  we are adding more as new ideas come in.






P.O.Box: 35 Muhanga
Nyamabuye, Muhanga, Rwanda


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