Continuous professional development helps teachers to learn without taking time off work. The key objective of this ‘on the job training’ is to enable teachers turn out pupils who stand out.

A photo after gym time. Sports is a daily school activity and it is given the same amount of time as other subjects. To maximize limited time and space, every class has its specific time when they have gym.

Early morning assembly for 3-6 year olds. The assembly helps children to develop language through a range of fun-learning activities.

We are together. 3-4 year-olds hold on to each other. It is repeated moments like this that promotes a great sense of unity and a feeling of friendship.

3-4 year-olds during class. Once the instructions for action are clear, they get on with it.

There is no month that goes without celebrating a birthday at Ahazaza.

Primary six 2019. Small classes at this level ensure efficient support to individual pupils which in the end results into greater success in their studies.

Spectators around the school football pitch shortly before interclass football competitions kick off. Sometimes it is between the teachers and their pupils.

Construction in progress. With good work done by teachers and Mrs. Raina, well intention men and women extend a helping hand so that new classrooms can be erected to accommodate more pupils at the now number one primary school in Rwanda.

Three year olds during a Do-it-yourself activity. Simple activities like this sometimes represent a deeper discipline and interest to learn.

When learning and playing materials are within children’s reach, it doesn’t take long before they can express themselves.

Early morning assembly for primary one to six (6-13 years). The teachers take their pupils through a number of fitness checkups and leadership building activities.





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